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A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen/Silent Front SPLIT 10" With CD

£5.00 - On Sale


“The individuality and sincerity with which both imbue their music is striking. A more than worthy release.” 8 out of 10 Subba Cultcha

“Think 'Jesus Lizard' rather than conventional punk”


“Spazz-jazz freakout!” 9 out of 10 Loud Horizon

“Think Fugazi, the Jesus Lizard, Shellac and Beefheart etc and you will start to formulate an idea of where these two bands are coming from.”
Green Man
“Both of these bands are in their element outside of a groove, outside of focus.” 8 out of 10
Andrew Danso

A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen played a few shows with Silent Front on their first UK tour in 2011; both bands got on well and decided to plan a split release; just over a year later here it is; released as a collaboration between Jezus Factory Records (Kitchen’s label); Triplejump Records (Front’s label) and CYTCYB Records…

Side A - A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen - Molasses For The Masses
Side B - Silent Front - Tactic A and Plunder

A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen (Belgium, Netherlands, Scotland) are Craig Ward (The Love Substitutes, True Bypass, iH8 Camera, ex dEUS), Butsenzeller (DAAU, Kapitein Winokio, Dóttir Slonza) and Paul Lamont (Hitch) and they play noisy cantankerous Shellac, Beefheart, Crimson, Coltrane rock. Prior to this they have released one self-titled LP.

‘Deftly consolidating all the best elements of math, noise and post-rock into one convenient package’ – Hemulism

Silent Front are Phil Mann, Russell Whitehorn and Gareth Thomas (UK) are veterans of numerous European and UK tours and play angular DIY post punk very loudly and aggressively. They live in the same house and exist for rock and roll. They have recorded several (now sold out) splits and one full length LP ‘Dead Lake’. If you want some pointers think The Jesus Lizard, Fugazi and Melvins.

‘D.I.Y. in its sound and approach, uncompromising and awkward, 'Dead Lake' is all you could want from a real punk record’ 8/10 – Rock Sound